Minetest Bower

A mod repository and package manager for Minetest.

About Minetest Bower

Minetest Bower is a Minetest mod repository. The repository is unmoderated. Anybody may submit mods using one of several different approaches. Different versions by different people of similar mods are permitted but each version must have different names.

If you'd like to run a Minetest Bower mirror, this is encouraged and simple to set up. Simply copy the this JSON file to your website and update it periodically.

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A Minetest Tutor for inexperienced players.


A nice and decorative mod for Minetest.


A minetest mod that adds basic katanas


Mod to add lockpicks to MineTest

Using Bower to Manage Mods and Dependencies

If you are familiar with CLI, you can use Minetest Bower to install Minetest mods and dependency mods quickly and easily under Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. Minetest Bower needs primarily two software packages named NodeJS and Git, which are easy to install.

Install Bower

Bower is a command line utility. It requires NodeJS and npm and Git.

$ npm install -g bower

Create a .bowerrc file in your home directory or minetest folder with the following contents.

    "registry": "https://minetest-bower.herokuapp.com/",
    "directory" : "mods"

Installation Guide »

Install Mods

Install mods and their dependencies with bower install.

$ bower install <mod>

Search Mods

Find mods that you can install with bower search or browse the repository.

$ bower search <keyword>

# for example
$ bower search rainbow

Register Mods

Register mods with bower register or submit a mod online.

$ bower register <my_mod_name> <git_endpoint>

# for example
$ bower register rainbows https://github.com/user/rainbows.git

Optionally, to add more information about your mod such as description, screenshots, authors and licence, you can submit a JSON file along with your mod. To do so add a bower.json file to to your mod's git repository. For the format to be used, click here.